Social Media Lesson #357: Should I Friend Mom and Dad on Facebook and Twitter?

There have been several high profile hackings of Twitter accounts, with the likes of Britney Spears and even Barack Obama having their accounts compromised (with bizarre tweets sent from them) for at least a few minutes.

But what happens when your average NFL football player gets their account hacked? Apparently, not much. And unfortunately for New York Jets Wide Receiver David Clowney, his hacker is going above and beyond what others have done and is cursing and directing insults at fans, as you can see in the screenshot below:

The Jets have used their account to inform fans about what’s going on, but the damage has been ongoing for about three hours now. We’ve also sent a note to Twitter (Twitter

) in hopes the issue can be resolved swiftly, but with more public figures continuing to join the service, it’s an indication that “verified accounts” might not yet go quite far enough (though Clowney’s account isn’t officially verified).

“NFL Player Has Twitter Account Hacked With Embarrassing Consequences”

There are some rather “counterproductive” people out there. Perhaps they emptied the jails in Second Life?

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