Xbox as a platform

We got rid of DirecTV at my house 4-5 years ago. Was an early adopter from my single days. Never been a cable fan.

After “cutting the cord,” We spend our time at the library checking out books instead. And of course meticulously scanning the DVD collection for anything our kids might consider palatable. Netflix with the “3-DVD per month” special was made better by their streaming service. iTunes on our Mac made it better. Apple TV made it great. Amazon Prime we now leverage even more because it’s browser-based. And the quality of PPV has improved remarkably.

But the Xbox as a living room home entertainment platform is the real deal. Primarily as a game platform driving a Dolby 5.1 sound system is pretty awesome. It delivers on Amazon PPV and with the Zune service you have additional on-demand covered. Right now I’m watching ESPN football on ESPN 3.

With Microsoft’s expanded plan for content production (head hunters tell me this) I look forward to checking out how they cut into the HBO / Showtime / Network content pie. 

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