Happy Thanksgiving

These past couple of days at home I’ve been thinking a lot about two people.

First, an adult whose name I did not learn, a vegetarian. I helped him by locating a microwave oven and then nuking a can of baked beans he had brought as his dinner. Based on my small experiences in this area I imagine it being quite difficult being a vegetarian this time of year.

The second a boy perhaps nine-years-old whom I met the same evening. He played for an eternity (20 minutes in grownup time) with my two children and their other friends. They played as hard and as loud as a dozen kids can play. Screaming, laughing and running as fast as they can in the largest room they could ever hope to find to play in in this part of suburban Chicago.

My family and I have volunteered the past year on and off to help some people in need. That’s all I’ll share for now about this because I write not about us on this evening.

I have not been thinking much lately about my own self-inflicted pseudo-vegetarian pledge (still eat fish though for now). Not sure what I will partake of at dinner tonight. I’ve been thinking more of this one man mentioned earlier who sleeps and eats where he can. Without disclosing his situation (because I do not know it) it must be difficult to be homeless and still cling to priorities when you’re hungry. He would not accept the hot, meaty chili I was offering. He produced a can of beans and a can opener. The least I could do was find a way to heat it up.

The child was the fastest kid of that evening; convincingly smoking a seventh-grader with each lap they ran. They all laughed and enjoyed each others company immensely until he had to return downstairs to the rest of his family to retire for the evening.

And my family, including my kids, that seventh grader (who is a great kid as well) and the rest of our friends headed home.

So today, I’m thankful for having these two memories to think of as I figure out what I’ll eat tonight. And I’m thankful that my kids will have some of their own memories from that evening that I can remind them of when they need reminding 😉  And I’m thankful for meeting these fine people and others this week and hope they are well today. 

And next month, if we see them again I will be sad for them. I do however look forward to seeing that little kid run some more.  

Wherever you are I hope your day today is a great one.

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