The Super Bowl Winner(s), Uncle Miltie and Geritol.

Oreo Super Bowl 2013So yes – Oreo killed it. While to-date the common expected response for brands has been using Twitter, Facebook and the like for rapid brand response to major pop culture events, Oreo raised the bar. New finished creative (though somewhat of a template) in market in what seemed to be 30 minutes from the start of the event; in this case the Super Dome blackout. Concepted, designed, agency reviewed (360i) and approved, client reviewed and approved, rasterized and put into market. In this case posted on the Oreo Facebook page. Again, not just copy but actual pixel management.

Remember the early days of television where commercials were performed live (as were the shows)? Funny how it appears 60-ish years later that the future is inching forward towards this old-time aesthetic as a means of filling all our new-time ad channels.

So next year at Super Bowl MXXLLCCSSD$%##! it will be a Pinewood Derby of advertisers with either no money or those refusing to spend. All optimistically hoping for any sort of disaster or at least bad luck at “The Big Game” that will allow them to seize the day for the price of a team of a dozen or so agency types. It’s potentially quite exciting to be recognized as the social guy who nailed the Super Bowl mishap versus the brains behind the GoDaddy spot.

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