Startup 101 – #1 Job Descriptions

All partners must write job descriptions.

You want to create the most profound SaaS experience this side of 37 Signals. Your partner cares nothing about that. She wants coupons. SaaS. Saab. Can’t tell the difference. Could not care less unless it fits on a coupon. She says “We’ll figure it out later.”

In this case you are screwed. Once the company is operating it’s too late in the game for either of you to adjust your “vision.”

Action: All partners should thoroughly discuss their vision of each partner’s roles and responsibilities. New business. Creative. Account management. Production. Back office. Detail who is responsible.

Challenge: You are the only partner willing to do this.

Action 2: You do it. You write all the job descriptions. As little as one paragraph is plenty. This will spark a healthy debate and help clarify expectations. A paragraph is plenty to piss someone off. It might even save your cheese from going into business with someone whose ambition does not match your own.

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