Startup 101 – An Introduction and Summary

As you who semi-regularily follow my blog know, I’ve migrated back to WordPress (how I’ve missed you). I’m also spending more time consulting and mentoring startups (the difference being one is not for $$$). Since entrepreneurial stuff has always been a passion of mine I thought I’d jot a few ad hoc notes here from time-to-time with the idea of eventually building out a presentation from these posts. And reader comments will help mold and refine that POV.

Startup 101 is that list. An ongoing accumulation draw both from my experiences as well as what I learn from others. Thoughts. Experiences. Mistakes. Disasters. The intent is a pile of fortune cookies with bite sized shit you really need to do. Or not do.

I’ve always been a bit of an iterative writer. I never write final draft. Ever. So you’ll see posts published that will change from day-to-day. Like a newspaper (meant online news cite like who revises an article due to new information.

So here we go. We’re building it. I’ll reorder them as appropriate. If I come up with another “#1” it will supplant the item at the top of the list.

The List (thus far)

1. Job Descriptions

2. Mission Statement

3. Elevator Pitch

4. Proforma

5. NDA

6. Internal Communications

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