Consumers shaping the brand experience.

I keep office hours at 1871 to mentor young startups and help them learn from my experiences including achievements and mistakes. I always learn something new just by talking through questions with people I’m usually meeting for the first time.

Today I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with Dr. Behice Ece Ilhan during my office hours at 1871. It was refreshing to spend an hour with a colleague talking shop – emerging trends we’re both seeing and interesting anecdotes from our experiences.

While part of the conversation began regarding “crowd sourcing” in advertising we eventually began chatting about memorable consumer participation in brand experiences. My mind went toward User Generated Content (UGC) but this was awaiting me in my inbox when I returned to my office.

Link to Harvard Business Review article.

Small world. This example is a great proof point on advertisers and their agencies engaging consumers in sharing the shaping of the brand experience.

Update 2/23/13: Per Dr. Ilhan’s comment below she did make a point of naming Coca-Cola as one of a handful of progressive transmedia marketers. Nicely done. And thanks for reminding me 😉

2 thoughts on “Consumers shaping the brand experience.

    • Lol – Yes you were 100% correct in naming Coke as an innovative brand. I look forward to meeting up again next time you are free and continuing our discussions. Perhaps you might chat with my group at Razorfish?

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