Presenting at the Adobe Design Achievement Awards


Hello. This is Pat Berry – your Central Scrutinizer. I head production at Razorfish for our Central Region – Chicago, Austin and Atlanta. I am the absolute worst first draft writer ever. As such my life and this site are in permanent Beta and continually re-written. All things here are my own expressions and do not reflect my employer in any way.

Adverstuff is where I empty my brain of my adventures from starting companies, advertising production departments, and as a producer – the producing of things. Opinions expressed here are my own. I throw posts up on the wall and revise as I think it through (plus as I receive feedback).

Bio blurb – Leader, entrepreneur, producer and life-long maker of things. Have built production companies, a digital agency production group, and collaborated in consolidating the largest advertising production department in the free world.


Home for pics from publications and events. Why not.

Startup incubator where I volunteer by mentoring startups. These posts are recollections or inspiration from my time spent there.

Some of the startups whom I spend time with. This includes spending time chatting up things that have worked for me. Things that have not worked so great. Stories of adventure and courage over the past 25 years in founding companies.

Tagged list of my running Top 20 things any new company should consider.


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